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Hybrid grass

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POWERgrass is a hybrid system of natural grass that grows inside synthetic grass!

POWERgrass combines safe play and savings in maintenance.

The POWERgrass hybrid grass system is the ideal playing surface because it offers:

  1. predictable ball bounce for better control of the action because natural grass is dominant for 97% of the surface;
  2. surface stability during the player's run to make the action safer and softness in the event of a fall that preserves his health;
  3. resistance to the player's sliding during acceleration and deceleration and greater traction during changes of direction.

No other natural, synthetic or hybrid grass system can offer similar playing characteristics for a large number of hours of play, reducing maintenance costs.

Sezione POWERgrassSezione POWERgrass

The POWERgrass hybrid grass system uses a synthetic grass carpet made with a porous backing suitable for the passage of roots and air. The hybrid carpet is laid on a suitable substrate made of a sandy substrate and once sewn together the rolls is filled with the same sandy substrate, in accordance with USGA standards. Inside the system there is an elastic element of natural origin. Synthetic fibres occupy up to 3% of the surface area, leaving ample space for the growth of natural grass. The hybrid carpet is made up of fibres 60 mm high, sewn and fixed with >35 N force to a uniform 3D backing without obstructing its intrinsic porosity. Once the system is installed and the natural grass has grown, the synthetic fibres protrude 20 mm above the surface to protect the natural grass crowns against intensive use; at the same time the roots anchor to the porous backing providing better tear resistance during intensive play. The final result is a playing surface with more traction, stability and softness. During matches and training, no divots are formed that require costly repairs.

POWERgrass hybrid grass system "made in Italy"

POWERgrass hybrid grass system is designed for professional players and, to date, is the only hybrid system accessible to ordinary people. The POWERgrass hybrid field is developed by experts with extensive know-how in the care of natural grass, in the manufacture of synthetic turf and in the construction of sports fields. The POWERgrass system provides the best habitat for growing natural grass and has proven to be the technological solution that has raised quality standards by offering a real alternative to synthetic turf systems for the construction of sports fields.

The POWERgrass system has been designed to create a hybrid field:

  1. safe for a better and spectacular game;
  2. resistant to intensive play and durable over time;
  3. ecological and cost effective, within everyone's reach.

Today, have been already installed 25 fields that testify the validity of the system; it is ideal for playing Football, American Football or Rugby on a truly reinforced grass, making the most of the playing field "without" serious consequences for the grass.

POWERgrass hybrid grass system is the solution against the disadvantages of natural grass and synthetic turf!

POWERgrass system provides an innovative hybrid field that solves the problem of the divots formation and the instability of the synthetic turf systems. Compared to other hybrid systems, it offers more hours of play on natural grass due to the greater effectiveness of the system.

POWERgrass hybrid grass field is a modern playing surface that offers the opportunity to train and play on the same field as the championship game. A high-performance field allows for more spectacular play because atletes know they can play on a safe field.

Safety and Comfort

All over the world there is a return to natural or hybrid fields because the players prefer to play on the natural grass that is fresh and safer. This request aims to intercept the POWERgrass by offering more hours of play on natural grass with reduced maintenance. A natural grass field, if well maintained, is softer and more stable than synthetic turf and protects joints and muscles from trauma. 

The cool environment provides greater comfort, both for players and spectators, because it prevents the temperature of the playing field from rising on hot sunny days.

Helping to lower the temperature in urban areas and preserve the health of players is now possible thanks to the POWERgrass hybrid grass system and the selection of grasses that are resistant to environmental stress and intensive play. This is confirmed by the European Seed Association. (Source www.pitchcare.com)

These are the peculiarities that have convinced responsible investors to prefer this innovative system.

Environmentally friendly, long-lasting and easy to maintain

POWERgrass is an innovative hybrid grass system, aimed at creating sports fields while respecting nature and following the fundamental principles of the Green Economy.

Cultivating natural grass contributes to lowering the temperature and carbon sequestration in the soil, promoting better environment and employment of specialized people. At the end of its life cycle, the system is reused, even after 20 years, for public gardens, parks and gardens because it is sufficient to remove the sods together with the synthetic truf to transplant them to the new site.

In POWERgrass hybrid grass system, synthetic turf is not exposed to the sun because it is covered with natural grass so it is estimated to last for over 20 years. It is sufficient to maintain natural grass to have a resistant and long-lasting field.

This is a perfect symbiosis with many mutual benefits: on the one hand, the natural grass protects the synthetic grass from the UV rays of the sun and consolidates the infill forming a single body with its roots. On the other hand, the synthetic fibres protect the crowns of the grass plants on the surface while the synthetic backing offers an anchorage to the roots that penetrate it in search of water and nutrients.

The POWERgrass system offers a solid surface and drastically limits post-match repairs. Maintenance is easy and requires no special skills. Simply aerate the first layer of the substrate often, manage the water with automatic irrigation and apply an accurate fertilization program following the guidelines of regenerative agriculture. Thanks to the POWERgrass hybrid system, the natural grass is more resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses and easy routine maintenance while extraordinary interventions are reduced. The maintenance of the POWERgrass hybrid system requires low costs and it is enough to have the basic skills and a certain constancy to achieve the desired result.

The POWERgrass hybrid grass system will provide savings of more than 30% in 20 years of life compared to any other type of field. Investing in POWERgrass today is a responsible and forward-looking choice. In addition to sports, you can also do events or other activities on natural grass without having to worry about the damage caused by foot traffic.

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